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Private Investigators: There are many reasons why a person or a business may require the services of a private investigator. Whatever your requirements you can be assured that each individual case will be treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality by a professional investigator. Broadly speaking there are nine major categories of private investigation services which can each be sub-divided into more specialist areas of concern. These categories often overlap during an investigation to build up an overall picture of the case and provide a complete storyline to the investigation report.

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A private investigator can help provide you with everything from evidence of financial irregularities within your company, to gathering information relating to marriage and other family affairs which you may require. As can be seen from the above list there are a far reaching number of ways in which a private investigator can help you. Depending on the complexities of your requirements this could mean a single investigator is tasked to help, or it could require a team of operators if the project is far reaching or requires surveillance.

Employment tribunals, missing persons, fraud, industrial espionage and civil cases can all be part of the UK Police Service's work, but there is only so much they can do. In cases which are stagnating or where there are inconsistencies which cannot be explained, a private investigation service could be the best way to progress and get answers to your questions. It may even be a case that the police have not found enough evidence to proceed with a prosecution and you are seeking peace of mind by following a further channel of investigation.

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You may suspect a spouse is having an affair, or an employee is stealing or defrauding your company. These cases require a subtle approach and a variety of personnel to gather evidence according to the situation. A professional private investigator will be able to provide you with the correct level of service to get the answers you are looking for, using the minimum number of people to complete the task safely, and without alerting the person or people they are investigating.

The five main areas where the hiring of a private investigator are used in the UK are;

Suspicion of marital or relationship infidelity

If you suspect your partner is cheating a private investigator can gather evidence through surveillance and data retrieval which can be used in a divorce proceeding if required.

Tracing a person of interest

This could be, but not limited to, an estranged family member, an owner of a vehicle who has been involved in an accident or a tenant who has disappeared after non-payment or has damaged your property.

Harassment Investigations

Breaking up with a partner is difficult, but some people find it even harder to let go. If you are being harassed or troubled by an ex-partner a private investigator can help build a case file of evidence to produce should you wish to take legal action.

Background Checks and Vetting

From checking the credentials of a potential employee or nanny, to verifying the background of a potential romantic partner, a private investigator can help find information on who the person is and avoid any potential mishaps and scams.

Financial Background Check

If you are a landlord you may be wary of potential tenants. A background check can reveal any criminal offences, financial problems or previous rental issues which cause you problems in the future.

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The simple answer is yes, of course. Your chosen private investigator will obtain evidence and reports without hindering any ongoing police investigation. There is a legal requirement to inform the police or courts of any evidence found which may affect an existing case and your private investigator will work within all guidelines and laws pertaining to your investigation.


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The first step in any investigation will be to talk over your requirements and see what next steps to take. This may be over the telephone/internet or a face to face meeting. During this initial meeting the private investigator will be able to analyse your requirements and look at how an investigation could proceed if they accept your task. It is vitally important to realise that not all investigative projects will be suitable for further investigation. This could be down to a number of reasons; the case is too old, there is not enough supporting information to find a starting point or quite simply that it involves something illegal.

Once a private investigator decides to accept your case they will discuss their rate and other expenses to be paid; this could be an hourly or daily rate and will vary depending on your specific project.

During their investigation work you should be kept updated on a regular basis as to how the matter is progressing and receive written reports as part of the evidence process. You should also receive any images, video and other relevant data created or retrieved as part of the investigation.


Unfortunately the private investigation industry is on the whole unregulated and there are always stories of unqualified and unprofessional people working and masquerading as experienced operators in the field. There are no legal requirements for a UK private investigation service to hold or obtain a license to operate in the industry.

Fortunately there are trade bodies and organisations which offer a potential employer to check the credentials and experience of any private investigator. Within the UK the largest professional organisation for private investigators is the Association of British Investigators, or ABI. The ABI was formed back in 1913 and offers its members a way of proving their reliability, trust and credentials to any potential employer.

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The ABI also offers bespoke training via their academy and campaign constantly to the government to provide a regulatory and licensing procedure for professional private investigators. Other professional organisations which provide approved private investigator a method of being validated and to follow a code of practice are the Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI), the Council of International Investigators (CII2) and the World Association of Professional Investigators. Each of these organisations are there to assist the creation of a professional list of approved members and provide peace of mind to an employer when searching their list for a reliable and trustworthy private investigator.


When you hire any private investigator it is vital you enquire about their Data Protection Act (DPA) notifications to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). It may be stated in their publicity documentation, but if not it is essential you clarify their DPA status. This is because any private investigation company or sole traders are required by law to notify they are processing personal data. There are no exemptions for private investigators NOT to comply with this requirement.

This notification to the ICO is not the sharing of your personal data; rather it is an acknowledgment that your private investigator is working with personal data and should follow all security measures to ensure it stays safe. If you are concerned if your personal data is not being handled by a notified private investigator you can check their listing on the website at

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